Monday, May 9, 2011

Trend Alert: Feathers Oh My!

I know that for a while now you may have seen feathers here and there at pretty much every store. That's because for Spring/Summer feathers give you a carefree breezy vibe. Here are some ideas and ways to incorporate feathers into your summer style!

Idea #1
Simple but classic, feather earrings. Feather earrings have been very trendy lately especially since Pretty Little Liar's Aria (Lucy Hale) has been rocking them since the beginning of season one.

While the bright blue ones Lucy wore may be out of your price range (they're Betsey Johnson-and sold out) you can always find more affordable ones at stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Better yet, make your own! Bethany aka macbarbie07 on youtube shows you how easy and inexpensive it is in the video below.
Idea #2
Two words, hair extensions! What better way to show off your pretty locks than by adding feathers to your hair. Many stars have been trying the feather trend in this unique way including Selena Gomez and Steven Tyler.

Kandee show you how to put them in yourself!
Idea #3
Fans of Blair Waldorf have probably already tried this next way to include feathers. Headbands are a simple way to upgrade your look so why not get some that are feather embellished?! Plus you can make your own by using a hot glue gun to stick feathers to one of your old headbands.
Nina Dobrev not only adds feathers to her look but she also does it in a BRIGHT way, while Jessica Lowndes keeps it dark and natural.
Idea #4
One last idea from me to you guys. Necklaces! Adding feathers to jewelry gives it a tribal and bohemian feel. Again, you can do this yourself by attaching the feathers to a chain of the desired length the same way Bethany showed in her video on how to make feather earrings and you can add beads and whatever your hearts desire.

Those are all the ideas I have but if you have a really cool idea leave it in the comments to share with us. If you happen to try the feather trend in one of the ways mentioned please e-mail us a pic at I would love to see them! :) Leave suggestions for future posts in the comments.