Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Favorites 10/28 errr

Sorry for posting a day late but I've been sick and felt to lazy to go on my computer. Anyways here are my faves.

1. Fashion
I love searching the interwebz for shopping and recently I found Chicwish. I love their collection of retro dresses and indie shorts. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

2. Beauty
Chanel No.5 Intense Bath Oil

3. DIY Project
No-carve pumpkins. No need to get your carving knife, just use your creativity!

4. Music
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
5. Marilyn Monroe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costumes Part 2

A day later than planned but here it is! This is part 2 of my Halloween costume series and continues from the first 5 ideas. To see part 1 click here. Part 2 is about certain 'times' if that makes any sense. :)

6. Stepford Wife (50s). 
Think 50s-60s prim and proper conservative dressing. I love this because this includes floral tea dresses and perfectly done hair and pearls! If you've seen the movie The Stepford Wives both the original or the remake they both display the attire or even the recent movie The Help.

7. Flapper (20s).
Probably my favorite decade is the Roaring 20s. Just the thought of sequined fringe dresses and short jet black hair makes me want to do the Charleston!

8. Marie Antoinette (1770s-1780s).
French couture is a fun and luxurious way of dressing. I personally love Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette for it's fashion just as much as for the actual story. Think big dresses and big hair.

9. Madonna (80s).
We can all say that Madonna follows her own style. We can also say that at one point or another we've been inspired by her fashion, especially those 80s looks. Think of something you'd wear while dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (by Cyndi Lauper) or Like a Virgin. I love this video tutorial that Megan did!
My inspiration for this is Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also Stevie Nicks and fortune tellers have the look to aim for. Rich colorful and flowy fabrics and lots of bangles. Get big curly hair by following this tutorial.

That's it for my complete list of costume ideas! Hope you guys got something out of it. What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Costumes Part 1

Halloween is only a  week away so I wanted to give you guys a few ideas for costumes.This is part 1 and part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Now onto the costumes!

1. Alice from Wonderland.
I love this version of Alice, it's inspired more by Tim Burton's re-imagining than the original but you know it's Alice.

2.Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Dressing up as Dorothy is popular because pretty much every girl has seen the Wizard of Oz and coveted those ruby red shoes. Channel your inner Dorothy this Halloween and you'll definitely not be in Kansas anymore (unless you are). In the picture below Kiera Knightley portrays Dorothy for a photo shoot.

3. Minnie Mouse.
Minnie Mouse is a really cute and flirty character and Bethany's tutorial is easy to follow.

4. Pocahontas.
This week was the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode and while everyone had awesome costumes, I really liked Emily's best. She dressed up as an Indian girl but I like to call it Pocahontas.

5. Peacock.
Who doesn't love feathers? I love the colors on a Peacock and Ashley Greene looked amazing in feathers a couple years back for a party.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 which includes five more costume ideas. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites 10/21

1. Beauty
When it comes to beauty, I love anything that accentuates the eyes. Whether it's mascara, shadows, lash curler or falsies! Paperself has some really cool eyelashes made out of paper and inspired by Japanese paper cutting.

2. Scent
Pumpkin Pie Spice is the scent that lets me know fall is really here. Check out A Wooden Nest to make your own pumpkin pie spice.

3. Food
I've always loved making different variations of grilled cheese. A couple days ago I had no idea what to have for lunch and decided on making a grilled cheese sandwich. Here is my simple recipe:

  • Bread
  • Cheese - which ever you like, I just used American but also love mozzarella.
  • Sliced avocado
  • Sliced tomato
  • Mayo - I used McCormick that has lemon juice in it.
Spread the mayo on each slice of bread. Add the cheese, avocado, and tomato. On the hot skillet add butter and place the sandwich in. Flip the sandwich to toast the other side until golden brown. Enjoy!

4. Music
Fix a Heart from Demi Lovato's album Unbroken.

5. Photo
Nothing like capturing the moment he pops the question! What do you think of this latest fad?

Leave me your faves in the comments. Saturday and Sunday I will be posting  my top costumes for Halloween so stay tuned!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorites 10/14

The month of October not only bring us Halloween and awesome costumes but it's also the month in which we learn more about breast cancer. Breast cancer like any other cancer has treatments that can beat cancer and can also be prevented if found early. For this weeks Friday Favorites I will be picking some products that are good on their own but also do good by giving money to breast cancer research.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shop It To Me

Like any other person I enjoy saving some money, especially when you like keeping up with the latest trends. While we know that there are major deals online it's hard scouring the internet to find the brands and retailers you like. Well I know of an easier way to find those sale items you covet! If you haven't heard of the site Shop It To Me you have really been missing out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites 10/7

Starting on this weeks Friday favorites, I will be changing up the categories in which I pick my weekly faves, just a bit.

1. Fashion: 70s Revival
I am really loving all the 70s inspired looks in department stores. Some of these items remind me of the classic show Charlie's Angels. Here are some of my favorite pieces:
I bought these recently and can't get over how cool they are!


Bow Blouse - H&M
Fringe Bag - Nordstrom
2. Book: Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer
This book is really good and I really can't say more because I will spoil it! You can also watch the movie directed by Sean Penn which got a lot of critic acclaim.

3. Food: Coffee
Growing up I've never been a 'coffee girl'. I loved the scent of coffee but the bitter taste always pushed me away. I'm Mexican and as a kid the only way we kids were allowed to have coffee was with milk and sugar, known as CafĂ© con leche. To this day that's pretty much how I have coffee! I've been addicted lately to Starbucks and found the following recipe on Lauren Conrad's blog. It's her version of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte which she calls 'Pumkin Spice Lala-Latte'. I can't wait to try it!
Click for recipe!
4. Music: Mumford & Sons
I've been a fan of Mumford & Sons since there album came out and recently their song 'I Gave You All' has become my most played.

5. Photo: Steve Jobs
As you all probably know Steve Jobs died recently. I can't tell you how much of an impact his genius had on people and the way they communicate with others. I'm a Mac girl and always have been. My condolences to his family and friends.
That's this weeks faves! Let me know yours in the comments!