Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Favorites 10/28 errr

Sorry for posting a day late but I've been sick and felt to lazy to go on my computer. Anyways here are my faves.

1. Fashion
I love searching the interwebz for shopping and recently I found Chicwish. I love their collection of retro dresses and indie shorts. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

2. Beauty
Chanel No.5 Intense Bath Oil

3. DIY Project
No-carve pumpkins. No need to get your carving knife, just use your creativity!

4. Music
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
5. Marilyn Monroe

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  1. the pumpkins are fabulous,thanks for this great inspiration :)
    i always cut myself with the knife,so studdin it is a good alternative haha :)

    by the way,i have a little giveaway on my blog right now :)


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