Saturday, January 28, 2012

Style Icons

We all have someone we look up to in various subjects. I look up to Eleanor Roosevelt for her activism is human rights. I also look up to certain people for their impeccable style. The following people are the ones I turn to when I need style inspiration. They have always had their own sense of style that others (including myself) have tried to copy.

I can honestly say that all girls at one point or another have crowned Audrey Hepburn their idol. Her effortlessly chic style is a classic and is often payed homage to.To get her timeless look, embrace the LBD and opt for flats instead of those intimidating heels. As for her beauty, keep it natural and just line your eyes with a gel liner. For an everyday outfit pick a crisp white shirt (or a striped top) and pair it with black leggings.

Moving on, this next fashionably girl has perfected the SoCal look. Rachel Bilson always looks on trend but she somehow gives it her laid back flair. She is currently the muse for Steve Madden's shoe line with ShoeMint. A simple tee with skinnies and a killer pair of shoes plus a trendy jewelry piece gets you Bilson worthy style! Don't forget the SoCal staple: some sunnies!
Celebrity Look: Rachel Bilson

Celebrity Look: Rachel Bilson by marymary91 featuring tan wedge heels

I've been a fan of Camilla Belle for quite some time. I adore her natural beauty, this may sound weird but I love her brows! Maybe it's because I myself have fuller brows but I like that she embraces them. Camilla is no stranger to playing with color which I'm sure she got from her designer mother.
Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle by juliak featuring a silk jacket

Lastly but certainly not at all least, Taylor Swift. I can't get enough of her out-of-grandmas-closet style. That's a compliment so don't take any offense to it. Plus her love of of sparkly dresses makes me happy. She isn't hiding the fact that she's feminine and romantic with her floral skirts and signature curly hair and red lip. Side note: I love her new hair style it's super chic!
1. Taylor Swift

1. Taylor Swift by midnightlover featuring a slouch bag

Who are your style icons? Let me know in the comments!

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