Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Must Haves

Since it's just some days before it's fall 'officially' I thought I would tell you what my must haves for the wonderful season are. One thing that I love about the fall season is that you can layer since the weather tends to get a bit chilly so all of these 'must haves' are perfect for layering as you would.

My first must have is a basic essential, a scarf. I love that scarves have become an accessory that is seen year round. For the beginning of fall start with a light weight scarf then as the temperature drops opt for some chunky knits. Some options are:

Scarve (see more printed scarves)
Mulberry scarve

Mulberry scarve (see more knit scarves)
Jimmy Choo scarve

Jimmy Choo scarve (see more crochet shawls)


Scarve (see more cable knit scarves)

Sweaters are a given for colder weather but I love this new take on them, cropped. Cropped sweaters are great for layering because they add shape to your body in contrast to all those layers. I love the look of cropped sweaters paired with a mini dress or  bodycon skirt.
IDEE_GENIALE on Chictopia
ANNEBETH on Chictopia

The next thing I must have this season is a beauty product. A lipstick is a better option for fall. For me personally, lipgloss is sticky and messy I love the matte finish lipsticks have and the colors are more rich. My favorite color for fall is any plum color or berry. Make sure the lipstick is moisturizing because the worst thing is cracked lips and lipstick.
Lipstick Queen  Jean Queen

Last but certainly not least is a good pair of boots. I'm eyeing a couple of riding boots as my fall go-to shoe. Boots always look super chic and they are available in different styles. I love riding boots because they are low and look great on. 

Boots (see more faux leather boots)
H&M boots

H&M boots (see more knee length leather boots)

These boots could also be paired with a riding jacket. I love H&M because you can find great stylish clothes and accessories for a low price. This blazer which has elbow patches is only $29.95.

So that's my favorite items I'll be wearing this fall. What fashions are you excited about for this fall? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i am really excited to take out my boots and scarves :)
    that jimmy choo scarf is cute :)


  2. Yes! Scarves and boots are the reason why I love autumn. :)

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