Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites 9/30

As promised I will be doing weekly posts titled 'Friday Favorites'. It's basically a top 5 rundown of my favorite things at the moment. I encourage you to try this meme if you so desire! Here are my faves this week.

1. Beauty
While reading the NYLONewsletter (which you should subscribe to btw!) I found out that the nail polish industry is definitely growing! While you may have thought that shatter polishes were the latest and greatest (and they are!) get ready for an awesome innovation in polishes! Magnetic polishes from Nails Inc. London seem to be the newest and pretty fun way to create one of a kind designs on your nails. Sephora currently has a couple colors in stock for $16 a piece so hurry and add some to your cart before people catch on! My favorite color is Houses of Parliament. If you're still confuddled as to what these polishes do here is the description from Sephora:

This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern secretly hidden in the magnet for an astonishing finish. The magnet is included in the cap of the nail polish.

nails inc. Magnetic Polish Houses Of Parliament

nails inc. Magnetic Polish Houses Of Parliament (clipped to

2. Hair
Summer may be over and sunlight may be decreasing each day but that surely does not mean we can't have sun kissed dimensional hair. Adding highlights and lowlights to your hair will look super fresh when that autumn wind blows through your hair. It's easier that getting a full hair dye and will get you noticed!

3. Food
Pumpkin pie is probably one of my favorite fall-time dishes. The scent alone makes my mouth water.

4. Music
My favorite song this week is all of the songs on Foster The People's album Torches. In specific track 4, Don't Stop (Color on the Walls). Seriously, the album is really good and super catchy. I've been playing it for days and still can't get enough.
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5. Photo
While flipping through Allure's October issue, I stopped on cover girl Olivia Wilde's spread and I loved the art direction taken in the photo shoot. This one picture caught my eye.

So those are my favorites for this week. Let me know what are your in the comments!


  1. magnetic nailpolish,i wonder if this really works as i dont clearly understand what it is meant to do :)


  2. @Sammie you can see how it works in this video.


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